Fulvio Chair, 2015, underground discarded newspaper.

Follow a conversation between Matteo (M) and his father Stefano (S) on a train of the District Line, London:

M: I think the trains of the district line are the most comfortable.
S: Yes, I think so... (Conversation stops, the passenger in front of us leave a newspaper on the seat). Why do Londoners leave such a mess on the trains though?
I wonder how many newspapers are actually recycled, what would you do with all of them?
M: Probably a chair.

Made out of newspapers and water through a compress process, Fulvio chair is the response to the 9.5 tons of newspapers discarded every day on the London Underground. The research of the design has been dictated by the process itself, ensuring the most straightforward and strongest structure in which paper could be turned into a chair.


* Homage to Great Uncle Fulvio who used to recycle newspaper to make bricks for the fireplace.