Crux (St.Andrew), 2015, Stainless steal mirror polished.


The whole of our era is characterized by the industry, which, if coherent, gets rid of superficial embellishment and make perfect objects of a good quality of form. This means that the object performs well in its function, each detail is necessary for the structure and its purpose.

E.g. Rails, beams, pipes, viaducts, sheets, bars, rods, bricks, tiles, posts, boxes...

Crux bowl is a project born from the meeting between the reinforcement cross folding technique of air ducts, also called “Saint Andrew technique”, and the everyday object: a wall tray.

The cross folding technique reinforce the sides of the air duct and makes a natural convex form which make the structure resists to the air force running inside the duct. But if one side is convex the other naturally is concave and just by turning it upside down we have a bowl.
The mirror finish emphasise the modular pattern (necessary created by the folds) and the distorted yet geometrical reflections.